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!! Auction !!

This is the author auction I mentioned a few days ago.

This is why - from supportstacie.net
Like millions of Americans Stacie (truelovepooh ) was unable to afford expensive health insurance premiums and kept her fingers crossed that she wouldn’t require medical treatment. A 34 year old wife and mother of three had no reason to think her health would be an issue - she was young and had no previous health concerns.
Her life changed on March 26th 2007 when she was diagnosed with both stage 2 ovarian cancer and breast cancer.
Pooh was forced to give up her job and has faced numerous visits to see doctors and specialists at the Trover Medical Foundation where she is being treated. Unfortunately, because she did not have insurance the medical bills are mounting and whilst the hospital are being very understanding and providing limited financial assistance the expenses are huge.
Many of you who read this blog will know “Pooh” - she will have touched your lives with her kindness, warmth and generosity - someone you can count on and who always puts others before herself. Also, many of you who read this blog may not know Stacie. You may have been directed here by friends or by following a link from one of the sites that are supporting our fundraising drive. Please take a moment to read this blog and find out what you can do to help a wonderful person in her battle with cancer.

Stacie is going to need constant treatment over the coming months and she needs our help to fight this disease. We are starting a fundraising drive to help support Stacie and her family.

is what we're doing - from supportstacie.net

A Fanfic-On-Demand fundraiser is underway for friends of Stacie. Authors in any fandom are invited to write a short fic on demand. The writing challenges will be delivered to each participating author by the highest bidder in their personal auction, which will run September 8-14, 2008 here at SupportStacie.net.

The highest bidder gets to deliver the fic challenge to the author they’ve “won,” along with the story’s pairing, the rating, and other pertinent details (within reason and within the author’s stated fandom and limitations - i.e., some authors prefer not to write smut or a certain pairing). The author will be given up to 30 days to finish the fic, beginning with the day that payment is received.

What I'm doing

I've got 3 auctions going on - a 2,500+ word Harry Potter femslash, a 2,500+ word Grey's Anatomy femslash and a sneak preview of chapter nine of the This Is A Problem series which will be 5,000+ words. You get to set me to work. You say Hooch/Giant Squid, I'll be writing it. [As long as the Qiant Squid is female - cause, y'know, femmeslash only ;) ] You want raunchy mop cupboard sex, you got it. You want a heartbreaking unrequited Katie Bell/Professor Sinistra love story, it's all yours. Just put up the cash ;)

I'm trying to find the words to explain why I'm taking part, but I feel it's quite obvious.

truelovepooh is a fantastic, caring, kind hearted person battling not only cancer, but an obscene medical financial system. She needs more treatment but the hospital won't allow anymore until "unless a substantial payment is made".

We all love our fandom community, especially here on LJ. Friendships can be forged over oceans and 'ships and in the strangest of ways. As fandom, we can band together to participate in something we can not only enjoy, but show amazing compassion and support for one of our own.


The Need-To-Know links

A summary of all the authors and fandoms available in alphabetical order


Main Board: All authors bid threads are housed here


My $5 Harry Potter fic auction - F/slash, 2,500


My $5 Grey’s Anatomy fic auction - F/slash, 2,500


$10 Grey’s Anatomy This Is A Problem series Chapter 9 advance sneak preview auction - At least 5,000


Information on bidding


[And I may not technically be writing a VM fic for auction, but I could not resist my KBell...]

Grab a banner from here. Put it on your f-list! Annoy people to death about the auction! Because it is important. And not for my ego - there are 57 authors in this auction from a cross-section of fandoms so I'm willing to bet there's something for everyone. So - pimp, pimp, pimp.

And please bid. Haven't we all wanted a little writer puppet at one time or another? A wicked little writer puppet to do with as you please...


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Sep. 12th, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
ok, this aint got much to do with the above topic, but i have this horrific feeling i didn't wish you a happy birthday on the 28th of last month ( i was just looking through my old entries and saw a HB comment from you....) i was a bit ARGH!! did i??

im also gonna go bid for a hermione/ginny mop cupboard fic on behalf of the good cause. :)

Sep. 12th, 2008 01:26 am (UTC)
Huzzah for bidding! There's been two on HP already and none on Grey's last time I looked. Bidding well makes up for the fact you didn't bid me a good birthday ;) Don't worry about it - 1 out of the 3 members of my immediate family wished me a happy b-day, so you're ahead of them on the Xmas list ;)

Oh, shit. Did I really just mention Christmas. *pulls hair out*
Sep. 12th, 2008 08:58 am (UTC)
oh dear....i think you may have fallen slightly in my estimtion..metnioning christmas even before all the stores have xmas stuff up...and that means EARLY!! tut tut. :P
no problem, good cause and all, hopefully it will help. i was trying to work out the conversion thing and i really cant... :/

and a big fat LOLZ
Sep. 12th, 2008 08:59 am (UTC)
oh dear....i think you may have fallen slightly in my estimtion..metnioning christmas even before all the stores have xmas stuff up...and that means EARLY!! tut tut. :P
no problem, good cause and all, hopefully it will help. i was trying to work out the conversion thing and i really cant... :/

and a big fat LOLZ to your icon. i love that catherine tate episode... :D
Jan. 3rd, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
I can't believe i never saw this?! I'm so mad now! This Is a Problem is my fav fic ever! But you prob know that from the milf fangirling i"ve done over it ;^)
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